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An ultrapure water system with the EDI-technology

To produce healthy drinking and washing water, you need the right system. Do you also want a cost-saving and environment-friendly solution for ultra-pure water treatment? Then you should definitely meet up with Iontech®. This is an innovative company which specialises in (continuous) electrodeionization ((C)EDI), a pure water producing technology. Their goal is to produce high quality and efficient Continuous Electro De-Ionisation products for a competitive market price. So, you want an ultrapure water system? Read further to discover the possibilities of EDI as a pure water production technology.

Endless possibilities when you choose EDI as a pure water production technology

The systems from Iontech® can easily produce ultrapure water of consistent good quality, and will not be interrupted by regeneration. With these systems, it is possible to produce ultra-pure water (UPW), which is used in industries. It is widely used in electric power, electronics, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry and laboratories. An EDI ultra-pure water system deionises water by using electricity, resin and ion exchange membranes. Many ultrapure water systems are made for removing specific elements from water, like ions, organics and gases. An EDI system does not. This kind of system makes sure that water is purified to such a degree that there are virtually no more traces of any unwanted elements. This way, healthy drinking and washing water are not the only needs which can be met by this technology.

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Using only electricity, an EDI is a cost-effective ultrapure water system. Besides that, frequent maintenance is not required. The cost-effectivity will also apply on that! The ultra-pure water systems from Iontech® are all produced in Europe and can be delivered quickly to your location. Are you interested in a ultrapure water system? Or would you like to receive more information about it? Get in contact with this expert! They will off you tailor-made solutions.